• Reviewed by:   on: 8/14/2012 4:45:00 PM
    The egg rolls here are great, as are the chicken dishes. I did not like the orange beef, and it was not readily apparent that the preparation even contained beef at first ( tasted like bad liver).
  • Reviewed by: scottmsr  on: 2018/8/29 20:45:30
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "potatos" on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. In the past I've used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website. -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • Reviewed by: cpelliott2  on: 2018/8/23 20:44:46
    Chen’s, you should add pictures of all of your menu items. I’m trying to describe General George Chicken to a friend in Pennsylvania, and theirs no pictures. This is the best Chinese food in the country!! I’ve been everywhere in the country, and this is it. The #1 hands down. From the Smokey flavored rice , the homemade hand rolled egg rolls, to the General George Chicken and shrimp. This is as good as it gets!!!
  • Reviewed by: ggnoreplz  on: 2018/2/20 16:21:14
  • Reviewed by: chriskathyleedy  on: 2018/12/5 22:51:34
    Terrible greasy, made me sick tonight! I think food poisoning or so much grease...
  • Reviewed by: chriskathyleedy  on: 2018/12/5 21:28:38
    I complained about the old grease that was soaked in the egg rolls tonight. The guy was so disconcerned, did not care about the complaint... since eating there tonight, I have been sick to my stomach, nausea, chills and heart burn as well... I told him something was wrong with the buffet and he did not believe me... others have gotten sick from there tonight as well...
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/28 23:03:18
  • Reviewed by: loyalcustomer  on: 2016-10-06T15:14:51
    I ordered $40.00 via drive-thru. I forgot to order 1 Hot red chili pepper sauce. When I paid for food, I realized that I had no cash to buy the 33 cents worth of chili I wanted. I asked if I could have one and was told no. They need someone on the drive thru window that understands what customer service is about. I was very dissapointed. I would say that Chen's has; Very, Very poor customer service. My Family, friends and I will not be going back and I hope they enjoy the .33 cents they saved. Pathetic customer service.
  • Reviewed by: lynnsalinas67  on: 2016-04-02T20:07:28.851-07:00
    My husband and I ordered online do we could have food ready Chen's,wouldn't miss a musical for my college class walk in pay for food said I would be dining there ,told no since order on line.I see all time people order food advance very rude order no ready cancel order
  • Reviewed by: Trisha_Huntress  on: 2015-07-02T09:28:15
    Living out of my home town, I've always managed to have at least one meal from Chen's when I'm here on holidays. This week I have had my last. Time before I had to go General's chicken and it tasted like Church's chicken with sause. This week, we ordered off the menu and giving Chens the benefit of just one bad meal, I chose the Generals shrimp off the was aweful.....not the quality it once was and will probably never go back. It's sad to see such a landmark cafe in Lufkin have such a bad reputation now compared to years before.
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